rabiatul azian

rabiatul azian

Senior Operation and Support Executive
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A multitasking senior operations and support executive highly effective at strategically planning and managing logistics, transportation details, customer service solutions, and documentation. Enthusiastic to learn new knowledge and further develop skills.


Senior Operation and Support Executive
WBE Technologies Sdn Bhd 2023-01-02 - Present Be a part of the team to manage proof of Concept (POC) for a new project in Network Centric Operation (NCO). We as a sub-contractor from the main contractor work with Malaysia Land Army to supply and support. • Collaborated with manager to coordinate transportation and accommodation for staff and engineers for business travel at military camps in Sg Petani, Kedah, and Kuantan, Pahang regarding NCO project for installation of equipment and software. • Finalized documentation for local and foreigners’ security clearance to enter Malaysia military camps regarding NCO project. • Identified and processed both regular and rush orders. • Coordinated transportation for outbound shipments. • Collaborated with manager and project manager from HQ to ensure that shipments are correct. • Finalized shipping processes in SAP (PGI) such as FeDex, DHL, customs for commercial invoice and etc. • Provided import/export logistics support as assigned by the manager or project manager from HQ. Provided Exemption Certificate, Schedule A Form and K2 documents to agent to declare for clearance from Customs Malaysia once the cargo arrived. Achievements: a) Managed to save company money instead of paying for SST every time the Repair and Return items shipments came by applying the correct HS code and knowing the Customs Regulations
Customer Service Specialist
WBE Technologies Sdn Bhd 2019-07-17 - Present Responsible for updating documents for quarterly season parking for all staff, filing all the Certificate of Final Acceptance Test (FAT) and Official letter delivered/received correspondence registration. • Responsible to record and prepare the minutes of meeting report once we had meeting with our clients. • Person in charge to prepare all shipping documents such as Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, RMA number request form and Packing list for our Headquarter in Poland for Repair and Return shipment (C2R). • Person in charge to prepare related documents to Headquarter in Poland to resend back to Malaysia such as Exemption Certificate, Schedule Form A and K2 Form for Malaysia Customs declarations. • Responsible to apply SIRIM certificate (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) to get allow the shipment that has been hold at Malaysia Customs. • Person in charge to update quarterly and get extension approval to renewal ATA Carnet documents by our courier agent, MLH Global Sdn Bhd with Malaysian Customs. • Co-operate with MINDEF (Malaysian Ministry of Defence) between DID (Defence Industry Division) and BPPTD (Malaysian Army Research and Evaluation Division) in handling Offset Program. • Managed in handling headsets and Intercom radios for repair, service, and maintenance. Achievements: a) Exchanged from Malaysia to Europe head plug extension wire. Tel: 011-10004070 Email: rabiatulazian93@gmail.com b) Person in charge for logistics and finances on the project for Evaluation Test of HF and U/VHF radios and intercom with Malaysia Army. c) Negotiate with the car rental company, homestay and hotel reservation and insurance package to get the best price quotation as for our project for Evaluation Test in Kuantan, Pahang. d) Participate in the 17th Defence Service Asia Exhibition and Conference (MITEC, KL |28-31 March 2022) e) Collaborate with Teguh Hiasan ICT Sdn Bhd (local agent) completed the Tender Schedule of Compliance for HF and VHF radios for Manpack and Vehicular of Malaysian Army
SL1M Trainee
Celcom Berhad 2018-06-14 - Present Validated the distance of Fiber Optic route using Google Earth Pro for existing and new sites. • Validated and follow up the RSO by region in Support Enterprise Network Planning for Customers End-to-End. • Provide services (Fiber Optic, Microwave, Fiber Optic and Microwave and broadcast) for customers either Ethernet Lease Line, Mobile-to-Mobile and Point-to-Point. • Validated and checked for the 3G and 4G coverage area in Video Drive Test, Network Quality Department. • Participate Digital Transformation of operators in the pre-5G era by FiberHome Technology Day in the 2018 Conference. • Participate for the Intermediate Microsoft Excel and High Impact Presentation Training in 2019. Achievements: a) Validate and update the Circuit Advice (CA) number such as PTN route and VLAN ID for 2G,3G and LTE by regions (Sabah, Sarawak, Non-Central) in Network Planning and Engineering Department.


Matrikulasi Perak
Matriculation/ Foundation 2011-05-02 - 2012-06-29 Physics Course
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
Degree 2012-11-01 - Activities and Societies: • Got a Bronze medal for Innotek UTeM 2016 • Graduated on Time (GOT) • Integrated Design Project (IDP) • Participate Entrepreneurial Journey Program on 2015 • Exco for International Innovation Festival 2014 • Had experience in designing antenna using CST software and coral draw for a final year project and HFSS software learning in RF subject. • Built the antenna using PCB (FR4). • Tested antenna 5G with Agilent Vector Network Analyzer to get the reading of S11(return loss) from Keysight and anechoic chambers (to compare the Gain(dBi) reading with simulation results) at Universiti Technical Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Malaysia. • Work in a team for the IDP project. • Exco for International Innovation Festival 2014-Invite and managed several Secondary schools to participate in this program.
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
Master Degree 2016-11-30 - Activities and Societies: • Got a Silver medal for PECIPTA 2017 (Kuala Terengganu) • Got a bronze medal for UTeMEx (UTeM Exhibition) • Graduated on Time (GOT) • Participate in Postgraduate Research Conference 2016 (PReCon 2016) • Had experienced in designed antenna using CST software and coral draw. • Built the antenna using several types of materials such as PCB (FR4) and RT Duroid 5880. • Tested antenna 5G with Agilent Vector Network Analyzer to get the reading of S11(return loss) from Keysight and anechoic chambers (to compare the Gain(dBi) reading with simulation results) at Universiti Technology Malaysia (UTM) Johor, Malaysia.









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