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Any questions? We're here to help

How can I post job listings on MyJobSG?

To post job listings on MyJobSG, you will need to create an employer account. Once registered, you can choose package (free option available) and use the “Post a Job” feature to create and publish your job openings.

Is there a fee for posting job listings on MyJobSG?

MyJobSG offers free job posting services for employers, however if you wish to feature your job vacancies or your company profile, you can choose our paid package for extended features.

Can I specify the qualifications and skills required for the positions I'm hiring for?

Yes, you can provide detailed job descriptions, including qualifications, skills, experience, and any other specific requirements when posting your job listings on MyJobSG.

How can I review applications from job seekers on MyJobSG?

You can access and review job applications from job seekers directly through your MyJobSG employer dashboard. Applicants’ resumes and contact information are typically accessible for your convenience.

Can I communicate with job applicants through the platform?

Yes, MyJobSG often provides a messaging system that allows employers to communicate with job applicants directly through the platform.

Can I repost job listings if they are not filled on MyJobSG?

Yes, you can often repost job listings or extend the duration of your job postings on MyJobSG to continue receiving applications until your positions are filled.

How can I promote my company's job listings on MyJobSG to attract more candidates?

You can enhance the visibility of your job listings by ensuring they are well-written and include detailed information about your company and the job. MyJobSG may also offer paid listing options for increased exposure.

What is MyJobSG?

MyJobSG is a specialized job search platform tailored for Malaysians seeking blue-collar skilled worker jobs in Singapore. It connects job seekers with relevant job opportunities in various industries.

Is MyJobSG exclusively for Malaysians seeking jobs in Singapore?

MyJobSG primarily caters to Malaysians looking for employment opportunities in Singapore, specifically in blue-collar skilled worker roles. However, Singaporeans and PR are welcomed to use as we have job vacancies from all sectors.

What types of blue-collar jobs are available on MyJobSG?

MyJobSG offers a wide range of blue-collar job categories, including food and beverage,  construction, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and more.

Do I need to pay to use MyJobSG?

No, MyJobSG is a free platform for job seekers. There are no charges for using its basic services.

Can I share job listings from MyJobSG on social media?

Yes, many job listings on MyJobSG have sharing options, allowing you to post job opportunities on your social media profiles.

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